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Reviving India

Reviving India is a youth Club formed for the benefit and upliftment of students who want to learn and utilize their talent for their own good and recognition.
LIS technology has taken initiative for the youth in the form of youth club i.e Reviving India and their wings.
Reviving India aspires to spread its principal of ‘Think what you Do & Do what you think’ among all and serve the youth. Reviving India rigorously attempts to create an open and unbiased platform for the students where they can freely give their Ideas, brainstorm those Ideas, experience power of open discussion, get guidance from experts coming from round the globe, get full opportunity to implement/develop, face and learn from real-time challenges, achieve the aspiration with which they had begun.

Club Goals:-
1)    To abolish any condition of time, money, age, experience that can keep a person restricted from doing or learning what he aspires to.
2)   To break free from the conventional ways: there are some society defined ways of achieving a particular proficiency; certain benchmarks created by people which if not fulfilled, then people do not trust your talent. So, we want to break free from those methods.
3)   To slightly shift the education system’s interest to a more relevant and close to reality context which not just gives hollow knowledge but can help in future by making youth experience that knowledge.
4)   To bring the industry and education system closer to each other.

Nothing is stagnant in Reviving India, it’s all about changing the old blocked pipes of the education system of the country that superficially are producing the graduated minds but under the layer its also degrading and suppressing the freedom to think out of bounds and innovate. Innovation is not just the right of the experienced or a big technology giant, also any smallest and simplest of improvisation of existing system is counted in Innovation.
All this can’t be treated in one day with a swing. A lot of restructuring is required from all ends. Reviving India is just a small atom in this big network trying to lend support to the youngsters. But, it cannot make any difference until unless students themselves choose to be the beneficiaries and refuse to become the slave of the system.

Club Wings :-

  • Rock In Robos ( RRC )
    A premiere club for Robotics & Embedded Systems.

  • It is the robotics cum electronics wing of Reviving India. RRC caters to the fields of electronics electrical automation robotics embedded system etc. Since all these fields or technologies involve hardware components in large amount, RRC has its prime aim to bring students closer to hands-on practice. All these sectors require greater proficiency and in-depth knowledge that can come only through rigorous hands-on practice. Also, going along the steps of reviving India to bridge the gap between education provided in the colleges to the education/skills required in the Industries/firms, RRC also serves to reduce this prevailing difference. RRC always strive to make its members more corporate-desirable. Though, not limiting to this RRC also provides an open platform to all the members where they can put their ideas or find right direction to carry their Idea. RRC regulates all the measures to ensure that each person’s idea get its deserved place. And for this it has launched various schemes or programs to give support to talented people. Thus, RRC helps those who want to learn as well those who want to develop, with Innovation remaining as the background score of the club.

  • Bit In Byte ( BBC )
    A premiere club for Software and IT.

  • BBC is established as a club for software and Information Technology. It attends to the needs of students involved in computer science field. Though there exists a fast dynamic in this industry which is always growing and developing, still not everyone is capable to harness their application ideas in a fruitful way. Also, there is a constant cutting edge competition with software applications becoming the next door thing now a day. Automation is largely dependent on the software application, thus it’s a great deal to be able to make one. At BBC, people will get all the needed guidance and support to launch their Ideas and also a wide & open learning platform where there is no boundary for innovation.

  • Build In Machines ( BMC )
    A premiere club for Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

  • BMC is the mechanical and civil engineering based club of Reviving India. This field has the most opportunities owing to the fast paced development around the country and in fact overseas. But, this field has equally maximum no of challenges when compare to the other fields. There is shortage of companies that can take freshers straight out of college, to work for them as proficiency and accurate skills are highly required. So, RevIn puts double efforts for this field members to keep up with the advancements of the Industry. BMC takes care of the fact that a person studying this domain also makes his bread & butter in this domain. Because, it is seen that people though take these domains in academics but coming towards their academic end they are unable to find any prospect for them. Thus, eventually they loose hope and move forward to other sectors such as IT. Especially, this is the case with people coming out of mediocre college or universities. This is a big challenge and Rev In with the help of BMC is trying every inch to change the scenario and bring a more welcoming environment for new people in the Industry by making them technically fit for it.