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LogixInfo Solutions provides course of DOTNET which support scalability, reliability, accessibility, security, and other requirements of enterprise-class applications.. The best feature, which makes it so popular, is the object-oriented principle. DOTNET supported by this framework are Graphical user interface (GUI) which makes the user comfortable to design and develop. The DOTNET Technology training includes OOPS, Collection, Remoting, Threading, GUI, ASP, LINQ, MVC, Web Services etc.

Course Duration : 180 Hours
Syllabus :Download

Course Objective:

  • Understand and apply Object-Oriented Design Principles for creating C# applications
  • Describes the concept of OOPS and its terminology including encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance, etc.
  • Implement Collections in C# applications.
  • Using ADO for developing Database Applications
  • Develop Web based applications using ASP.NET Technologies
  • Implementation of Controls
  • Learn validation using validation control
  • Integration tier applications using Java Web Services technologies to communicate with heterogeneous platforms.
  • Learn framework for develop enterprise level application
  • Describe the structure of an MVC application
  • Enterprise applications develop using MVC, LINQ, WCF, Web Services
  • Learn HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Java Script, JQuery etc