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C# Programming

C# is an object oriented programming language for developing window base applications in dotnet framework environment. This course is designed for intermediate-level developers or those who want to learn how to work in the .NET Framework using C#.  It used for develop desktops base & Distributed application. The C# programming training includes OOPs, Collections, Threads, Exception Handling, Remoting etc.

Course Duration : 80 Hours
Syllabus :Download

Course Objective:

  • Learn DOTNET Framework
  • Understand and apply Object-Oriented Design Principles for creating java applications
  • Describes the concept of OOPS and its terminology including encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance, etc.
  • Understanding exception and exception handling
  • Learn to process Strings using various expressions
  • Implement Collections Framework. .
  • Using ADO.Net for developing Database Applications .
  • Understand requirements and business goals when creating Windows Client applications .
  • Design and create a consistent and manageable User Interface using basic features  .