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8051 Microcontroller

LogixInfo Solutions provides project based 6 weeks embedded systems summer training in Ghaziabad. Embedded systems are combination of hardware and software systems with a dedicated function within a mechanical or electrical system. The applications of embedded systems range from portable devices such as PDA and mobile phones to large industrial systems like factory controllers and traffic lights. It also deals with variety of other industrial installations like automobiles, medical equipments, cameras, household appliances, airplanes, vending machines, etc. 
Embedded systems are involved in almost every facet of modern life. All modern luxury equipment’s like Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones, GPS Devices, Cars, Bikes, Televisions, DVD Players, Video Games, Pagers, PDAs, Answering Machines, Microwave Ovens, Network Routers, Fax Machines, Music Synthesizers, Planes, Spacecraft, and Boats are some of the examples of Embedded Systems.
It is either fixed in capability or is programmable to perform a special function. Programming interfaces are provided to Embedded Systems that are programmable. 
The ordinary microprocessors were made using peripheral interface circuits, but as the advancement took place the modern embedded systems were based on microcontrollers. 
8051 is the basic microcontroller used and rests all the micro-controllers depend on it

Course Duration :80 Hours
Syllabus :Download

Course Objective:

  • Understand embedded C Programming
  • Learn 8051 controller
  • Proteus Simulations
  • Learn about sensors